Vulnerable children and their families brought from Ukraine to Spain

The Ministry of Defence has collaborated in the transfer of six sick Ukrainian children and their families to Spain.

The Ministry of Defence, as part of its solidarity, contribution and support to the Government of Ukraine, and in collaboration with the Spanish Society of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology and its president, Ana Fernandez-Teijeiro, has provided means and military personnel for the transfer of 15 people of Ukrainian nationality, among whom are 6 sick children, two of them with very low defences, in addition to 9 companions.

The movement of these personnel has taken place in a medicalised T-22 military aircraft, of the Air and Space Force, from the Rezszow airport (Poland) to the Torrejón Air Base (Madrid).

In addition to the contribution of the Spanish Society of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology, the transfer has been supported by a liaison officer from the Operations Command (MOPS) of the Spanish Defence General Staff, 3 technical escorts and 5 members of the Medical Unit of Aeroevacuation of the Air and Space Force (UMAER), as well as two translators and a civilian nurse.

From the military air base, the children will be transferred and hospitalised in different health centres in the Community of Madrid to monitor the appropriate medical treatment.