33 Burglars caught ‘red-handed’ for robbing homes in Madrid that they had previously marked

Spain's National Police

The National Police arrested 33 thieves red-handed when they tried to rob homes in various municipalities and districts of Madrid. The gang took advantage of the fact that many homes were empty during the first half of August.

As reported by the Superior Police Headquarters of Madrid, the vast majority of those arrested committed the acts during the secrecy of the night in homes on whose doors they had placed marks such as plastic, silicone threads or glue to verify that they were uninhabited.

The preferred loot of this profile of thieves was jewellery and cash, and almost all of them were intercepted after being detected by residents of the buildings and communities where they were operating.

One of the first recorded robberies occurred at dawn on August 1 in the town of Alcorcón. The agents detected three men walking stealthily through an alley, when they noticed the police presence and fled at a run, starting a chase. Shortly after, one of the suspects was intercepted, who was hiding a sock with a multitude of jewels and cash in his pocket.

The next intervention occurred on August 2, when the deployed agents found several houses on a street in the town of Leganés with markers on the doors, which had been used by criminals to ensure that the properties were empty. During the device, a new chase was triggered in which one of them was caught, who was carrying a bag with a large amount of jewellery, electronic devices and cash. Just 24 hours later, and after the police were alerted by another observant neighbour, the police caught the two suspects red-handed inside the house. After a struggle, they were caught and arrested.

The police constantly advise us to be on the lookout for the appearance of unusual items on the doorways to properties, as this is how thieves identify if a property is not being occupied at the time. If you find anything suspicious, you should report it straight away.