Love us Alive Love us Free

The Ministry of Equality, through the Government Delegation against Gender Violence, launched the campaign “Querernos Vivas. Querernos Libres”, created by Ogilvy Madrid, with the aim of detecting sexual violence and showing all available resources to eradicate it, as well as to accompany and protect the victims.

For Victoria Rosell, the Government delegate against Gender Violence, one of the keys to the campaign is “showing diverse situations to help society identify sexual violence that can happen in our immediate environment and also raise awareness among those who should avoid it.” The second fundamental objective is “to insist that there are more and more resources to advise, protect and repair the victims.” It is a campaign aimed at the population in general, but especially aimed at young people, made up of different pieces that narrate three situations that occurred in different places, where sexual violence has been suffered in the digital sphere, in childhood and in leisure. Each story concludes by showing the resources available to victims for their care.

The campaign presents stories based on real events, set in the summer season, narrated in a sober tone and focusing on the different faces of sexual violence, while conveying confidence in the response of institutions. The media plan includes advertisements on TV, cinemas, outdoor, digital, RRSS and radio.