Organisation dedicated to trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and men in Murcia dismantled

Officers from the National Police have arrested three people, two women, both of Colombian nationality and one man of Spanish nationality born in Brazil, after being identified as alleged perpetrators in the commission of a crime of human trafficking, the crime of prostitution, facilitating illegal immigration, drug trafficking, against the rights of workers and belonging to a criminal organisation.

The investigating agents of the National Police were aware of two victims of sexual exploitation, who revealed relevant extremes for the investigation. They claimed to have practiced prostitution in a private brothel run by a woman of Colombian origin. The victims, in their statement, narrated that they had to be available for clients 24 hours from Monday to Sunday.

In that brothel, according to the witnesses themselves, there would be between 6 and 8 foreign girls practicing prostitution. These girls had to sleep crowded in a room and in the same bed, since the rest of the rooms were destined for the practice of sexual services. In addition to the above, the girls would also be forced to offer and consume narcotic substances to clients, mainly cocaine, a substance that the owner of the brothel supplied.

On the other hand, they also denounced that on the ground floor of that same building there was another brothel, although this was used for the exploitation of male prostitution, offering homosexual and transsexual boys, whose owner would be closely linked to the business on the upper floor in which they were prostituting women, mainly in the drug trafficking business.

Both the owner of the male and female brothel used web pages in which they offered their victims as if they were simple merchandise. To do this, they would previously take photographs of them in suggestive underwear and offer them on the aforementioned website.

The National Police, and more specifically Group II of UCRIF, organised several surveillance and monitoring devices around the brothels, the materialisation of which allowed the agents to detect a large number of girls and boys who entered and left with suitcases.

In addition, it was possible to detect a large influx of clients, even going so far as to intervene and sanction some of them for possession and carrying of narcotic substances on public roads, which came to ratify what the victims stated about the sale of narcotic substances (cocaine) in two brothels.

This is how the police operation culminated with the execution of two entries and searches, in both brothels, which culminated in the detection and identification of nine foreign victims in an irregular stay situation and the arrest of three responsible.

The detainees were placed at the disposal of the Investigating Court in Murcia, not ruling out new arrests, as well as the location of other possible victims of these same events. Two of them were brought to justice, being released with charges for both.