Opportunistic cash collectors asked to return money

Residents of the La Elipa area of Madrid may have thought their luck had come in at the weekend, when many of them turned up at the scene of a dramatic bank robbery and started picking up cash off the street.

Four hooded men robbed a branch of the BBVA bank in the Madrid neighbourhood, where they blew up an ATM from which they stole lots of cash notes, but left many others lying around in the street.

The National Police is investigating the events, which occurred around 7:00 a.m. on Marqués de Corbera Avenue, from where the assailants fled in two cars that they later abandoned at another point in the capital

Neighbours living in the vicinity of the branch were woken up to the noise of the explosion that blew up the ATM.

In several videos recorded by witnesses, it can be seen how at least three of the four individuals run from the branch to the two vehicles that were waiting for them with piles of bills in their hands. The rush to flee the place made them lose a large number of bills at the doors of the branch, which some neighbours later picked up.

The Police are also now investigating this fact, and have collected several recordings, for a possible crime of misappropriation, for which they ask the neighbours to return the stolen money.

After the robbery, both explosives experts and the Scientific Police attended to gather evidence.