Three other members of Dominican Don’t Play arrested for the murder in February of a young man in Madrid

The Guardia Civil has arrested three other members of the Dominican Don’t Play (DDP) gang for the murder of a young man on February 5 in the district of Usera (Madrid).

In the first phase of the Bacano operation, three other members of this gang were already arrested in February as perpetrators of the murder.

In this second phase, there are three new detainees in Madrid, Seseña (Toledo) and Badajoz. The Guardia Civil considers them possible perpetrators of homicide and belonging to a criminal organisation.

The complex work of the Guardia Civil Information Service agents over the last few months has made it possible to confirm that this organisation is a group with a high criminal intensity, strictly organised, very rigorous with the fulfilment of its criminal missions and a strong internal discipline.

The structure of these gangs is based on the execution of the guidelines dictated hierarchically by the upper part of the organisation, generally being crimes with which they obtain a benefit. Trafficking and possession of weapons, drug trafficking, crimes against property (especially robberies with extreme violence and intimidation using firearms) and crimes against people (extortion, coercion, injuries and threats) are the ones usually committed.

However, in addition to the aforementioned criminal actions, these groups stand out especially for the extreme violence they inflict on their actions and for carrying out extremely violent confrontations against other gangs that they consider their enemies, in order to gain control of the territories in which they sit.

The police device has had the participation of agents from the Information Group of the Toledo Command, Information Headquarters (UCE 3), and the Citizen Security Unit (USECIC) of Madrid, as well as the collaboration of Penitentiary Institutions.