Madrid accused of hate crime for not flying rainbow flag

La concejala de Recupera Madrid Marta Higueras interviene durante una reunión con los portavoces de los grupos municipales en el marco del proceso de modificación de la Ordenanza de Terrazas, en el Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid, (España). El proyecto de la nueva ordenanza de Terrazas establece que las terrazas Covid de la capital continúen dos años más en pie, salvo en aquellas zonas que estén tensionadas, en las Zonas de Protección Acústica Especial (ZPAE), que son Centro, Gaztambide y AZCA y en aquellas que estén "ambientalmente protegidas". 08 NOVIEMBRE 2021;MADIRD;PALACIO DE CIBELES;ORDENACIÓN TERRAZAS;TERRAZAS COVID;PANDEMIA;ZONAS DE PROTECCIÓN ACÚSTICA A. Pérez Meca / Europa Press (Foto de ARCHIVO) 08/11/2021

The spokesperson for the Grupo Mixto (a parliamentary group formed by all the deputies who do not meet the essential requirements to form their own parliamentary group, according to the Spanish Constitution, Spanish law, or the internal regulations of parliament), Marta Higueras, has filed a complaint with the Prosecutor for alleged crimes of administrative prevarication by omission, neglect of duties, hate and illegal association to promote or incite discrimination filed “against the Governing Board and those people who are responsible for complying with the agreements of the Plenary” for not putting the rainbow flag on the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid.

Higueras files the complaint after the flag did not fly on the façade, breaching the plenary mandate of the May session, which was approved with the votes of the left and Cs based on a proposal presented by Más Madrid and negotiated with the PSOE, with the PP and Vox voting against the motion.

“It is very important that the visibility of people from the LGTBI community be very clear in the institutions, that all of us who have some responsibility do everything possible to defend our rights. The mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and the entire Board of The Government has the responsibility that the plenary agreements are fulfilled and that they defend our rights so that he is the mayor of all,” Higueras declared in a statement.

The complaint states that “the inaction of the local government and the fact that it has not heeded the plenary agreement empties this body of the City Council, which is the highest political representation of citizens, of content it corresponds to him the debate of the great local policies that affect the municipality”.

Not putting up the flag would be “an attack from public action on the different as an expression of intolerance incompatible with coexistence and an infraction of the most elementary norms of tolerance and coexistence that affect the values ​​and principles common to citizens, invading the sphere dignity of any human being”.

The complaint is presented by Higueras before the Prosecutor’s Office “as an activist and as a member of the LGTB collective, in a personal capacity, to separate her from the partisan scuffle.”