Trans Law to be approved today

The Government will approve the Trans Law and the Rights of LGTBI People in the Council of Ministers that will be held today, Monday 27 June. The text will then pass to the processing phase in Congress.

Sources in Government have pointed out that it is the best possible text to reach the Lower House, since it is improved with respect to the initial one and it maintains the fundamental rights recognised to the collective.

The text will be approved by the Government in the second round on the eve of the International LGTBI Pride Day and one year after it was approved for the first time.

Throughout this period, the still draft bill has generated various debates on gender self-determination that includes trans people and that generated disagreements between the two partner parties in the Government. In addition, the text generates rejection in a sector of feminism that considers that it violates women’s rights.

Specifically, the text allows a change of sex to be carried out in the Civil Registry without it being necessary for the person to have, as is now required, a clinical medical or psychological report that proves “gender dysphoria”. It will suffice that the change be requested in writing, without the need to present evidence or witnesses, and that it be ratified within a period of three months.

One of the political figures most critical of this initiative was the former Vice President of the Government, the socialist Carmen Calvo, who, while still in office, warned that this measure could be a “danger for 47 million” Spaniards.

The Ministry of Equality they have also been critical of the attitude of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) towards this text and, specifically, for not meeting the deadlines to issue the corresponding mandatory report. Finally, this judicial body positively valued self-determination, although not from the age of 16, as proposed by the norm, but from the age of 18.