“Hate speech must be neutralised by integrating diversity into our social reality”


The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, stated that “hate speech must be neutralised with a story of acceptance and integration of diversity in our social reality” during his speech at the II Diversity Conference organised by the Guardia Civil.

This initiative, which continues the first conference held a year ago, has revolved around a round table entitled ‘Conversation-actions on diversity’, in which members of the body and representatives of the third sector linked to different organisations that defend non-discrimination have reflected and exchanged experiences in this area.

Grande-Marlaska thanked the attendees for their participation in a conference that highlights “the good practices in dealing with diversity that the Guardia Civil can boast of” and, above all, serves so that “we can draw conclusions that help improve them.”

The Minister of the Interior has warned that discriminatory behaviour emanates from attitudes that repudiate the dignity of people and disregard their rights and freedoms. “It is a stigmatising violence that seeks to corner and inoculate fear in those who are different; it is a violence that undermines the political order and social peace; that is the true danger that we must avert, and for this it is necessary to unite, coordinate concurrent actions, we cannot do it alone”, he added.

For her part, the director general of the Guardia Civil, María Gámez, has valued the work of the Guardia Civil, a pioneer among police organisations in the fight against discrimination. “In the month of Pride, I am proud of the work that the Guardia Civil does to try to stop discrimination and -fundamentally- attend to the victims of attacks that threaten coexistence and human rights”, she pointed out.

“I want to remind you, without going any further, that the Guardia Civil Personnel Code of Conduct expressly states in its article 30 that the members of the Corps ‘will prevent any situation of discrimination respecting effective equality between men and women, including the prevention of gender violence, diversity and people’s sexual orientation’”, said Gámez.

The II Diversity Day of the Guardia Civil has been designed from a dual perspective: internal, aimed at the Guardia Civil’s own personnel, and another external, aimed at all citizens, both having full inclusion as the ultimate goal.

Its celebration is part of the objective of the Guardia Civil to strengthen awareness, education in tolerance and decision-making free of stereotypes and prejudices. To do this, it promotes the value of diversity, empathy and mutual respect between people because, to live in society, each and every one of the existing singularities is enriching.