The Government launches a public consultation on the new National Security Scheme for 5G Networks and Services

This standard, provided for in Royal Decree-Law 7/2022, of March 29, on requirements to guarantee the security of 5G networks and services, focuses on establishing security requirements for the installation, deployment and operation of electronic communications networks and the provision of services based on 5G technology.

It is about promoting a comprehensive security of the ecosystem generated by 5G technology, while promoting a diversified supplier market, reinforcing the protection of national security and strengthening national industry and R&D&I.

The 5G Networks and Services ENS, provided for in the Royal Decree Law, aims to specify and develop certain technical aspects that are established in the legal standard. Thus, operators will be able to prepare and develop their risk analyses and mitigation techniques, in order to achieve safer 5G networks and services.

With this public consultation, a further step is taken in creating a reliable and secure framework to encourage the deployment of this disruptive technology and investment by telecommunications operators and, at the same time, the demand for services by of the users.

The promotion of the deployment of 5G technology and cybersecurity, together with connectivity, are key in the process of digital transformation in Spain, one of the four fundamental axes of the Recovery Plan.