The Guardia Civil chooses the Balearic Islands for pilot to deploy the new Area of Equality and Diversity

The general director of the Guardia Civil, María Gámez, attending the Area/Command of the Guardia Civil of the Balearic Islands, presented the Human Rights, Equality and Diversity Area, a community chosen as a pilot to deploy a department whose purpose is to address issues related to the Institution’s Equality Plan. This area will be implemented in all the Guardia Civil Zones and in the Ceuta and Melilla Command Posts.

María Gámez has been accompanied by the Government delegate in the Balearic Islands, Aina Calvo; the Colonel in chief of the Zone/Command, Alejandro Hernández; and the Commander in charge of the area, Enrique Gómez Bastida.

Equality and diversity are strategic lines for the Guardia Civil. In 2018, the Women and Equality Area was created, later reconverted into the Equality and Diversity Area and currently also with powers in Human Rights. “This is a central body, and we are taking another step to weave a support network at the national level that promotes real equality and respect for diversity and human rights”, Gámez stressed.

The general director explained that the creation of this support network also occurs after the training for two years of a total of 75 members of the Corps who have completed a ‘trainer of trainers’ course on equality and diversity. The initiative is carried out within the framework of the 1st Plan for Equality of the Guardia Civil, approved in 2019 to gradually implement actions that contribute to equal opportunities between men and women, the elimination of inequalities or discrimination based on sex and the promotion of women in leadership positions. “The Guardia Civil was a pioneer among the Spanish police forces in having an equality plan, and these newly created areas will also ensure compliance with the measures that are included,” Gámez added.

Likewise, she commented that these actions are a priority because the number of women in the Guardia Civil must be increased and their promotion within the Corps must be facilitated. There are 8.5% of women (6,650 and 70,748 men), a figure “clearly insufficient and still very far from social reality.” It should be noted that the Balearic Islands is above the national average in terms of the number of female agents, with a total of 224 female officers, just over 13% of the troops, and has played a very active role in collaborating with the central Human Rights area.

Main functions of these newly created areas in the Zones:

Advise the Head of the Unit on Human Rights, Equality and Diversity.

Propose initiatives to raise awareness among Corps personnel, in addition to proposing actions that make visible the Guardia Civil’s commitment to non-discrimination, tolerance, dignity of persons, respect for diversity.

Promote the presence of women and personnel trained in equality in all specialties of the Corps.

Promote the recruitment of talent, especially female, and show the opportunities within the professional career.

Advise managers and other personnel in relation to possible conciliation measures.

“Equality is an inalienable principle for the Guardia Civil. We are advancing little by little, but there are many things to do and we cannot lower our guard at any time in that search for an equal, inclusive and fair society”, concluded Gámez.

Reinforcement of troops in summer

The general director also announced the reinforcement of troops in the Balearic Islands during the next high tourist season, coinciding with the summer months. In this sense, Gámez has reported that the reinforcement planned by the Guardia Civil is close to 400 troops in total, with an extraordinary deployment this year, from June 1, of the Reserve and Security Group (ARS) in the islands of Mallorca (Calviá area) and Ibiza and the Rapid Action Group (GAR) in Ibiza. This reinforcement also includes officers from different specialties, trainees who will join the Zone from the beginning of July, and trainee officers who were assigned to the Balearic Islands last year after completing their training, and who will remain on the islands this summer.

The objective of these extraordinary measures, which are part of Operation High Impact, is to reinforce citizen security and reduce the incidence of crimes against sexual freedom and indemnity, especially in the area of ​​Calviá and the island of Ibiza. “With this deployment, we guarantee citizen security and, in addition, we attend to the requests of the Balearic tourism sector”, María Gámez highlighted.

This year 11 mixed Patrols will also be deployed; with the French National Gendarmerie in Calviá and Sóller, with the German Police in Artá, Santa Margarita and Santa Eulalia del Río and with the Italian Carabinieri in Calviá and Santa Eulalia del Río.

In addition, six offices of the Foreign Tourist Assistance Service (SATE) are located in the Guardia Civil’s area of ​​responsibility; in Calviá (Magalluf and Paguera), Muro and Santa Margarita on the island of Mallorca, as well as San Antonio de Portmany and San José de S’atalaya on the island of Ibiza, thus reducing travel times and distances to collection points of complaints, with the aim of improving the quality of care for victims.