Equality Ministry launches campaign to value sexual diversity

The Ministry of Equality has launched the first campaign in the history of a Government of Spain specifically designed to value sexual diversity. The campaign, which demands respect for diversity, shows the different sexual orientations and gender identities from a positive and bright perspective.

The pioneering campaign, which will be active until May 29, is made up of a video, a radio spot and graphic materials for both digital and outdoor media. Taking as inspiration the game “Who´s who”, and through the motto ” Diferentes es iguales”, a society is shown in which the chips that are not interesting are eliminated. A society that we do not want and that we must leave behind. From there, both the video and the graphic materials show nine people of different sexual orientations and different gender identities, including non-binary.

Advertising models have not been used to carry out this campaign. They have had the collaboration of real people who have been represented as they are. The result shows the social rainbow and the beauty of human diversity from a positive and non-victim perspective.

The target audience of the campaign is society in general, and its main objective is to end the stereotypes and prejudices that still exist about lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, non-binary or intersex people.

To this end, diversity within sexual and gender diversity is also shown, not only giving prominence to a wide range of identities, but also highlighting the ethnic-racial, body or age differences that occur in the LGTBI group, and society itself.