“I encourage girls to discover the infinite possibilities of studying science”

The Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Pilar Alegría, has participated in the Technovation Girls 2022 event, which has taken place at the Carlos III University, where she has encouraged the girls to train in STEAM disciplines. “There are more and more women doing very important things with technology and science. But we need many more,” she said.

“Both now and in the future, professions linked to engineering, science, mathematics, physics and technology are the ones that are going to have the most projection. Companies are demanding data analysts from us, responsible for robotics, cybersecurity, among other profiles. The networks, the applications, the new technologies that you use on a daily basis are made by technologists,” she added.

Alegría recalled the story of Elena García Armada, creator of the first bionic exoskeleton for children, as an example of a woman who has used technology to help people.

“Technology is essential for everything, but above all it helps us improve the lives of people who really need it. That’s why I encourage you to continue discovering the infinite possibilities offered by studying science, technology, physics, mathematics and computing. I’m sure that in a few years there will be another person who will come up on this stage and tell something about what some of you have done on your way”, she pointed out, addressing directly the more than 300 girls and young people present at the event. The event has been organized by Technovation, Power to Code and Carlos III University. These entities are part of the ‘STEAM Alliance for female talent: Girls standing for science’,