The National Police arrests the main importer of heroin in Spain

Spain's National Police

Officers from the National Police have arrested the main importer of heroin in Spain in Toledo and have dismantled the organisation that he allegedly directed. During the operation, 55 kilograms of heroin have been seized, one of the largest seizures of this drug in recent years. It had its base of operations in the province of Toledo, it carried out large imports of narcotics from the Netherlands to distribute it in Madrid, Castilla y León, Castilla la Mancha and Extremadura. Along with the ringleader, nine other people have been arrested – six men and three women -, in addition to carrying out eight searches of different homes in the provinces of Madrid, Toledo and Cáceres, as well as in a vehicle dealership and a mechanical workshop, both located in Cáceres.

Infrastructure in the province of Toledo

The first investigations of this operation took place last March when the agents detected that the main suspect had contacted known heroin traffickers, including the leader of a clan famous for its involvement in the distribution of heroin in the Cañada Real Galiana (Madrid). After months of investigations, the officers managed to unravel this criminal network that had most of its infrastructure in the province of Toledo. The organisation had various farms and houses in various locations in this province that they used to hide drug shipments. After the adulteration of the narcotic substance – to increase the volume of drugs and obtain higher profits – they proceeded to distribute them to various clans and criminal groups in Madrid, Castilla y León, Castilla la Mancha and Extremadura. Likewise, these farms and homes were located in the rural environment where the investigated lived and knew perfectly the agricultural roads and secondary roads to avoid being detected.

Once the investigations were advanced, the officers were able to detect and identify multiple contacts of the leader of the drug trafficking group with the rest of the members of his organisation, as well as the members of other criminal groups to whom he distributed the drug. Among his direct collaborators, his lieutenant based in Toledo was identified; the man who acted as a courier for the concealment and custody of heroin consignments in his home, also located in Toledo; as well as another man based in Madrid who performed the functions of the organisation’s courier for the reception and delivery of drug consignments. It was also learned that he had the support of a married couple who led a clan for the distribution of the narcotic substance in lower echelons, mainly in the Cañada Real Galiana (Madrid). It should be noted that this clan had properties and infrastructure in Cáceres, where they ran a business for the sale of vehicles that they allegedly used to launder the profits obtained from the distribution and sale of heroin.

Trips to Istanbul to negotiate the purchase

Continuing with the investigations, the agents were able to detect that the principal investigated person had made two trips to Istanbul (Turkey), during the months of July and September of last year, with the purpose of personally negotiating the importation of drug shipments with a Turkish organisation of heroin supply.

Later, in the month of November, the arrest of a married couple, who were part of the lower echelons of distribution of the organisation, took place when they were driving on the M-30 in Madrid without insurance or ITV. After stopping them, they began to flee at high speed while throwing several drug packages out the window containing five kilograms of heroin in total. Finally and after an intense chase they were intercepted and detained in Getafe (Madrid).

During the following weeks, the agents detected how the ringleader, in the company of his lieutenant, had travelled to other autonomous communities to make contacts with buyers of the drug located in lower levels of distribution, as well as to finance the importation of heroin and prepare the necessary logistics. As a security measure, the person in charge of the organisation regularly acquired several telephone terminals to distribute them among the members of his organisation.

Arrival of an important shipment of drugs

Investigators found out in December that the group was awaiting the arrival of a large shipment of drugs. The man who performed mail functions for drug traffickers had travelled by car to a service station located on the A-1 motorway near La Cabrera (Madrid). Once there, he contacted the driver of a truck with a Bulgarian number plate and, after checking the security of the environment, three large boxes were removed from the trailer and placed in a vehicle. From that point he undertook a trip to Toledo, but was intercepted at a gas station on the A-42 near Fuenlabrada and 85 packages containing a total of more than 51 kilograms of heroin were found inside the car. Both suspects were arrested.

The investigations indicated that the drug came from the Netherlands and that the man who acted as a courier for the organisation had to transfer the narcotic substance to a home in Toledo, where the ringleader, his lieutenant and the caletero were waiting. Suspecting that there had been a problem during the transport of the drug, two of them left the place and the third remained guarding his house, which served as a stash. The device deployed in the environment culminated in the arrest of the three and the subsequent search of their homes, where they seized a large press for making packages of heroin, more than 21,000 euro in cash, a shotgun, a pistol, a revolver, ammunition for all weapons.

Distribution of the drug in the Cañada Real

Finally, last December, the agents managed to arrest the couple allegedly responsible for the distribution of the drug in Cañada Real (Madrid). In addition, two home searches were carried out, one in the same town and the other in the province of Cáceres. A car dealership and a mechanical workshop, both located in Cáceres, were also searched. From the result of this phase, the agents seized more than 51,000 euro in cash, moulds for pressing and making packages of heroin, jewellery and luxury watches, a pistol, a revolver, a shotgun, ammunition, twelve cars and a motorcycle.

Of the ten members of this organisation arrested, eight of them have been remanded in custody.