The National Police detain the alleged perpetrators of several robberies with violence

Officers from the National Police have detained four young people as alleged perpetrators of several robberies with violence and intimidation committed between the early hours of Saturday 8 to Monday 10 January in the vicinity of the El Tarajal industrial estate in Ceuta.

Their victims were approached when they were heading towards the warehouses of the El Tarajal industrial estate and later transferred to a booth where they were intimidated with firearms or knives to steal their belongings.

One of the robberies took place on the 8th at midnight when one of the victims, who was walking back to the Polígono del Tarajal, was approached by two people who threatened them with a firearm to steal a bag.

In addition, they gave the victim a multitude of kicks causing various injuries for which treated had to be received at the University Hospital of Ceuta. That same morning, several young people wearing ski masks and armed with firearms and knives, entered a house, in which there was only one minor, and there they seized several objects.

A day later there was a new robbery in the area of ​​the El Tarajal warehouses. Another young man was approached by two individuals who threatened him with a firearm to make him go to a remote area. Once there, they repeatedly attacked him with a katana to the head and one eye to seize the tracksuit he was wearing, recording him with his mobile while they robbed him.

The victim, who finally managed to flee, also had to be assisted for the injuries suffered. Likewise, agents of the Provincial Citizen Security Brigade were commissioned early Monday to go to the University Hospital where a young man was admitted due to the stab wounds he had received and for which he had to undergo surgery.

In all cases, the perpetrators used extreme violence with the victims, not hesitating to use the weapons they carried. Except for the robbery that occurred inside the home, the other assaults followed the same pattern of conduct: they took advantage of the night, they acted in groups, in an area with little influx of pedestrians, and they looked for very young victims.

When the agents learned of the facts, thanks to the complaints made by the victims, the Specialised and Violent Crime Unit (UDEV) of the Judicial Police Brigade began the investigations. After several police efforts, they have managed to identify and arrest, so far, four people as alleged perpetrators of the events.

The arrests have taken place in the development of preventive devices established by the Ceuta Superior Police Headquarters for the prevention of crimes, thanks to the coordination of different Brigades and the result of an arduous investigation carried out by groups of the Provincial Brigade of Judicial police.