The National Police detain three international fugitives in just five days

Spain's National Police

National Police officers have arrested three international fugitives in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in just five days. Those arrested were claimed by the authorities of the Czech Republic, Poland and Russia for the commission of crimes of aggravated extortion, against the economic and fiscal order and fraud, respectively.

The investigation began when the agents learned of the presence of three individuals believed to be escaping justice on the island of Tenerife, where they were be residing. The first arrested, of 53 years old, was wanted by the authorities of the Czech Republic for various crimes of aggravated extortion. The agents verified that this individual resided in the municipality of Arona, specifically in a secluded house where he did not raise suspicions. At the time of his arrest, he fled on foot but was caught by the officers who managed to arrest him.

The second fugitive found is a 36-year-old man who was wanted by the Polish authorities for a crime against the economic and fiscal order. The investigators found that he had been settled on the island of Tenerife for many years and that the Polish authorities had been claiming him since January 2018, so the investigation work aimed at his location lasted more than three years. It was the day after Christmas when, finally, the agents found his whereabouts and arrested him, but not before the fugitive tried to avoid them by showing false identity documents of remarkable quality.

The last of those arrested, 66 years old, was claimed by the authorities of Russia, a country in which they ask for sentences of up to 10 years in prison for a crime of fraud. He was being sought to embezzle a figure close to 700,000 euro of public money in Saint Petersburg where he was head of a major engineering company. This person was, along with his family, residing in the municipality of Arona where he led an apparently normal life. It was in the vicinity of his home where the agents managed to confirm his presence and arrest him in the same act.