Although the images seem to show many more, according to the Guardia Urbana, approximately 600 people demonstrated against the mandatory wearing of masks on Christmas Day evening in Barcelona.

The protests were largely ignored by the National press in Spain, but posts on a number of twitter feeds clearly show the protesters displayed their rejection of the restrictive measures introduced to stop the sixth wave of the pandemic, including the use of masks, night confinement in Catalonia, and the COVID certificate. In addition, they also protested against the use of vaccines.

Most of the protesters did not wear a mask and interpersonal safety distances were not respected. There were no incidents during the day, which started at 7:00 p.m. in the plaza de universitat and ended in the plaza de Sant Jaume.

The protesters walked along to the rhythm of drums and whistles, displaying placards and slogans against the government and the Generalitat for the new restrictions, in what they say is a defense of their freedom.

” Children only spread love and joy ” or “The people for the truth” were just some of the slogans that could be seen on the banners carried by the protesters. They also alluded to the “violation of their fundamental rights.”

With this protest, there have now been five demonstrations held in Barcelona on consecutive Saturdays against coronavirus vaccines and the restrictive measures imposed to stop the pandemic.