After almost forty years serving as training ships, two Spanish Navy boats built in Cartagena took part in their final mission this week, one which saw them sunk to the depths of the Mediterranean.

The two Alpha India class training ships were built at the Cartagena Arsenal in the 1980s, when it had its own shipyard, the Ramo de Casco, located inside the military headquarters.

There, five twin boats were built that were transferred to the Military School of Marín, in Pontevedra, to instruct the sailors who were beginning their journey. The ships later transferring to the Lagraña naval station in Ferrol.

This week, their journey came to an end, when the navy used them for target practice during the LANMIS-ARMEX-BOMBEX exercise which took place all last week in various enclaves of the Mediterranean.

The two obsolete ships ended their watch in the waters of the Balearic Islands, but not before returning to Cartagena to say goodbye to the city where they were born.

They arrived in the port on Saturday on the dock of the amphibious assault ship Castilla, where they remained until Tuesday, when the tugboat La Graña picked them up to set sail for the Balearic Islands.