The Guardia Civil, acting out their Operation MVRAND, has dismantled one of the most important criminal organisations in relation to the introduction of narcotics in Europe, as well as money laundering.

A total of 17 people have been arrested, 11 of them of Spanish nationality and 6 Moroccan, in the 16 searches that have been carried out in the provinces of Barcelona, ​​Pontevedra and Cádiz.

Among the detainees is the leader of this organisation and the main objective of the operation, FAA, a Moroccan citizen who is considered directly responsible in our country for the introduction of 4,300 kilograms of hashish in San Pedro del Pinatar and 1,800 kilograms of cocaine on the Galician coasts, both in 2021, appearing as a target of interest also for the main international anti-drug trafficking agencies.

In addition, he is considered responsible for the introduction of 1,004 kilograms of cocaine on the El Jadida coast of Morocco in December 2018, for which two of the detainees in this operation had an International Detention Order in force.