By Andrew Atkinson

Issac Peral (S-81) the first submarine of the S-80 series that Navantia manufactures for the Navy has successfully passed the start of the diesel engines in Cartagena port.

The public shipyard announced the start-up was carried out successfully at the Armament Dock of the Cartagena shipyard.

The start-up of the diesel engines of the submarine ‘Galerna’ (S-71) was also carried out satisfactorily, which is in port tests within the works of its fifth large hull for the extension of its life-cycle.

The S-80 Programme follows a regulated Systems Engineering process, through which it is necessary to pass a series of technical reviews or quality doors in which it must be shown that the submarine is ready to move on to the next phase.

The diesel engine start-up is the fourth safety protocol, after power-up, along with the shipment of batteries to the ship and launching.

The S-80 class submarines have diesel engines with rectifier alternators (DAR) which charge batteries or can directly supply power to the main electric motor.

The diesels are manufactured in the engine factory that Navantia has in Cartagena, under license from the German company MTU.

The ‘Isaac Peral’ will undergo the first battery charges with the rectifier alternators and the test on moorings, the first moment in which the operation of the submarine’s propulsive line is verified, prior to the start of the sea trials scheduled in February 2022.

The Cartagena shipyard is also carrying out the extension of the life-cycle of the ‘Galerna’, having undergone the start of official start-up and operation tests of diesel engines.

The Galerna life-cycle was carried out in the presence of Spanish Navy inspectors, with all necessary verifications and checks, both the auxiliary services of said engines and their safety having been carried out.

The submarine Galerna is essential for the Navy to maintain its current operational capabilities – until the entry into service of the new S-80s, commencing in 2023.

Caption: Issac Peral (S-81) Navy submarine S-80 series in Cartagena port.