By Andrew Atkinson

A former Blackpool resident now living in Spain has been left flabbergasted by what has been labelled as ‘alien brains’ found under one of the beaches piers.

“I’ve never in my life saw anything like that, having lived in Blackpool all my life, before moving to Spain a couple of years ago. I do miss the people, the views and my old buddies,” said the unnamed 75 year-old.

The mysterious moulds left locals thinking Aliens had visited the seaside resort: “Back in the 1960-70s, l often went down to the piers at low tide – to catch crabs for angling – and never saw anything like this,” said one.

“They are obviously alien brains – and prove that we are being visited regularly by little green men,” said another.

The mounds are honeycomb reefs, formed by a large group of worms. Honeycomb Worm – Sabellaria alveolata – is a filter feeder that extends its tentacles into the water when the tide is in to catch floating particles of plankton.

They mainly live on the shoreline and build hummock-shaped reefs on rocks and coastal structures, such as piers, forming reef hexagonal tubes of an honeycomb appearance.

“These are Honeycomb worm reefs, larger mounds, or ‘reefs’. They do not form such large reefs in many other places.

“The reefs come and go when local conditions favour the worm,” said Chairman of the Lancashire Marine Conservation Society, Dr Barry Kaye.

Caption: ‘Alien brains’ under Blackpool pier.