By Andrew Atkinson

A Beatles 7″ acetate demo recording of the original version of the White Album track ‘Happiness is a Warm Gun’ worth £10,000 was found in a Ken Dodd record sleeve!

A tuba thought to have been played by Paul McCartney is far more audible in the demo, than on the final album version.

John Lennon is singing ‘I Need A Fix ‘Cause I’m Going Down’ twice in a row, rather than just once in the final release. Its title was also different as the words ‘…In Your Hand’ were not included in the album track.

The acetate was one of two made at Abbey Road studios at the request of Paul McCartney, as he wanted his new girlfriend Linda to hear the song.

“I was clearing out my garage and decided to take a stack of records to charity – one box was in a poor condition which I decided to take to landfill,” said Derek Plant, from Fleetwood. His dad Harry Plant bought the record at a car boot 40 years ago, not realising the demo recording used on the 1968 album was in the box.

Beatles 7" demo recording worth £10,000 found in Ken Dodd record sleeve!
Beatles 7″ demo recording worth £10,000 found in Ken Dodd record sleeve!

“I threw the box into the van and a Ken Dodd album fell onto the drive – I picked it up and the acetate fell from the sleeve.

“I knew instantly what it was, having collected the Beatles for years

“The album it fell from had been part of my late father’s collection and stored in my garage for years.

“He would have picked up the whole box at a boot sale or similar in the 1980s, I doubt very much he even knew the acetate was there. I had no idea.

“Had the album not fallen from the box the acetate would never have been found – and buried in landfill.

“Someone said to me it’s a museum piece, a piece of Beatles history,” said Derek.