It would return once the Supreme Court Prosecutor files the three investigation proceedings that it has kept open, one of them since the end of 2018

King Juan Carlos, who has been in exile in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) since 3 August last year, is considering a return to Spain once the Supreme Court archives the investigation that is being carried out into his alleged financial irregularities, which, in principle, could be very soon.

He could return before the end of the year, and even as early as next month, as long as the Public Prosecutor concludes its investigations without finding evidence of a crime.

The King’s father has conveyed his intention to several of his closest associates, although he has not yet decided where he would reside or if it will be permanent or temporary.

Investigations have been ongoing for 18 months, the first of which dealt with the alleged receipt of commission from the awarding of the AVE contract to Saudi Arabia. The second began at the beginning of 2019 and is looking at whether Don Juan Carlos used an Air Force colonel he trusted as to receive monies that he received from the Mexican businessman Allen Sanginés Krause. The third from the end of last year deals with capital allegedly hidden in a Jersey bank account.

The Royal Household has always maintained that any decision made by Felipe VI’s father only concerns him while Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, said that the Government will “follow the recommendations of the Prosecutor’s Office.