Empty Shelves

Warning as viral videos show fruit juice being used to create false positive COVID tests
Warning as viral videos show fruit juice being used to create false positive COVID tests

I read this morning there are one point seven million people stuck at home after being tested positive for Covid 19. While this is happening there is a shortage of staff to run the economy as well as lorry drivers to move goods, so there is a risk that supermarket shelves will empty.

Covid 19, floods the planet with its constant changes in format bringing countries to a standstill by people being ill creating a shortage of operators to make the economic wheels of commerce to continue to turn.

Whilst this is exceptionally real, causing hardship and the breakdown of daily living, there are others using the situation to idly stay at home without having the virus, by cheating the LFT (Lateral flow Testing) results.

The following letter (shown here in italics and my underlining) explains this deceitful and false activity, and was received by parents from a High School in Birmingham. I do have a copy of the document.

15th July, 2021 Dear parent / guardian,

I am writing to you to share our exasperation over two separate incidents where Year 10 pupils faked their Covid LFT result in order to have time off school for themselves and their friendship groups.

These two incidents meant that a total of 50 pupils were wrongly sent home to isolate. This has caused a huge amount of distress and anxiety for these pupils and their families. It has also had a detrimental impact on their education that they can ill-afford after having missed so much already over the past 17 months of Covid and wasted a lot of staff time in school.

Videos of how to do this have been circulating for some time on TikTok and other social media platforms, and I am aware of other local schools that have had a spate of these faked cases to deal with. We have taken great pride in the fact the children attending our school have not got involved in this and have behaved with great responsibility and integrity. The fact that we have had two incidents in two days this week is a real concern.

Going forward, we would greatly appreciate your help in preventing further fake LFT cases and minimising disruption. Please take some time over the next few days to emphasise the upset and harm that a faking a test result causes with your daughter and that incidents such as we have had this week may result in an exclusion.

If you suspect that your daughter may have Covid, we would like you to supervise her administering two LFTs yourself before informing us that she is potentially positive and booking a confirmatory PCR test.

Yours faithfully,

The letter is signed by the Deputy Headmaster and goes on to explain in detail the impact this practice is having where healthy pupils are creating a falsehood by tampering with the test to show it is positive when in actuality it is not. The Deputy Head Teacher goes on to explain that it is also happening in other schools.

It must follow that if students are able to fake a result to have free time at home, then others who wish for time off from places of employment are doing likewise and possibly being  paid for doing nothing.  I am told the method to achieve this is freely available on social media and it is done by a mixture of two ingredients available in every household.

I am now wondering how many of the one point seven million who are off work are there because of a fake test?

The swamp of social media is starting to control our lives with fake news and instruction on how to cheat. Children are being brought up in an unreal world as the human race rushes to oblivion on the tracks of greed – greed – greed. Take Care.

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