By Andrew Atkinson

Passengers on board the first UK ferry crossing to Spain in eight months include people from the Costa Blanca who are visiting second homes.

Brittany Ferries set sail from Plymouth to Santander with 800 passengers on board the Pont-Aven that can accommodate up to 2,400 passengers and 650 cars, departing on 6 June.

Nigel Wonnacott, from Brittany Ferries, said: “We are very excited – and I know the passengers are too.”

Spain is currently on the UK Amber list according to the government’s traffic light system for foreign travel.

Countries are classed as green, amber or red, with different rules for quarantine and Covid tests.

Asked about UK Prime Minister Boris Johnsons’s advice that people should not be holidaying in amber list countries, Nigel Wonnacott said: “Most passengers are second home owners – who would say it was essential to travel to check on their properties.”

Some passengers voiced they were vaccinated and the areas they were travelling to were low-risk, in terms of the prevalence of infections.

One passengers, who has a six weeks vacation in Spain, said: “There is a chance the UK will change Spain’s amber listing, but I am not worried about it being an amber list country. We are taking all the precautions we can.”

Another passenger said: “I’m willing to isolate when I return home to the UK, as long as I can see my family.”

With the coronavirus lockdown seeing travelling restrictions barring a plethora of people from visiting Spain, Nigel Wonnacott said: “It’s been a very tough time for the company – and for our passengers – we are delighted to be back.”

Caption: Passengers on board first UK ferry crossing to Spain in 8 months.