Quote: ‘Things are a bit uncertain. From testing to traffic lights, quarantine periods and local restrictions’

By Andrew Atkinson

UK travel company On the Beach has cancelled future holiday bookings to Spain – until September.

Despite flights resuming apace to Spain on May 24, after coronavirus restrictions eased,

On the Beach said it won’t be selling any new holidays in June, July and August, due to the majority of popular destinations being on the government’s amber and red lists.

Simon Cooper, On the Beach CEO, said: “There is too much uncertainty for us to take new bookings with confidence that they will go ahead, or for us to know the potential inconvenience and incremental costs of taking holidays to either current Green or Amber destinations.

“We are committed to putting the interests of consumers first, and in doing so, doing the right thing for the travel industry and our suppliers too.”

Greece, France, Spain and Italy are amongst countries subject to stricter isolation rules upon returning to the UK, being on the amber list.

Customers who already have a holiday booked will be offered options, including still going on holiday, amending their trip, or getting a full refund if their holiday is cancelled.

In a statement on their website, On the Beach said: “We’ll be back on sale for summer as soon as we’re happy that everything really is better – at the airport, in the hotel and, of course, on the beach.

“For now, things are just a bit uncertain. From testing to traffic lights, quarantine periods and local restrictions, we want to know a bit more about what going on holiday is like, and how likely your holiday is to go ahead before we take any new bookings.

“Plenty of other travel companies will be more than happy to take your money, even though they’re not sure yet what the additional costs or inconvenience might be. We’re not.”

Anyone who does travel to an amber list country will have to self-isolate at home for 10 days upon returning to the UK. They will also need to take a PCR test on days two and eight of their isolation.

There is an option to take a test on day five, and be released early if the result is negative.

Caption: Simon Cooper CEO On the Beach: On the Beach: We’ll be back on sale for summer.