The Guardia Civil has arrested fifteen suspects in its investigation into corruption within the Valencia Government.

The Central Operational Unit of the Civil Guard (UCO) has arrested the deputy delegate of the Government, Rafael Rubio and the former deputy mayor of Valencia, Alfonso Grau, right hand of man of Rita Barberá during her term as mayor, together with one of his daughters and the  builder Jaime María Febrer.

According to sources, the money received by Grau is around one million euros in cash, while Rubio would have received approximately 500,000 euros.

Known as the Azud case, UCO sources have confirmed the arrests of an estimated fifteen detainees, all of them in Valencia for corruption involving the exchange for urban contracts.

The Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community has explained that the investigation has only just been made public, following a two year long secret investigation carried out by the Examining Court No. 8 of Valencia.

The Government delegate in the Valencian Community, Gloria Calero, has ordered the “immediate dismissal” of the sub-delegate, Rafael Rubio, in addition to which, the PSPV-PSOE party, to which Rubio belongs, has announced that it has requested the federal leadership of the PSOE suspend his membership.

Those arrested, including businessmen and members of the government, are accused of charging commissions for awarding government contracts.