• Quote: ‘Actors were playing out scenes robbing a bank as Civil Guard police patrols surrounded the building – believing it was under siege with machine guns’.
  • Quote: ‘Government Delegation in Valencian Community request report on events from Valencia Civil Guard’.

By Andrew Atkinson

As filming took place of three hooded actors in a scene robbing a bank, national police and Civil Guard patrols surrounded the building – believing criminals were assaulting Alginet City Hall in Valencia with machine guns.

The events occurred in the Sleepy town of Alginet that has a population of just 13,000, during the recording of the series directed by Aitor Espert, with the title ‘Powerboys’, scheduled to Premiere in 2022.

According to witnesses, the first Civil Guards who arrived at the Town Hall drew their pistols – and took cover behind police vehicles.

An agent was alleged to have pointed his gun from the outside, apparently, at one of the hooded men, something the director of the series has denied, playing down the incident.

Actors in scenes robbing a bank as the Civil Guard police patrols surrounded the building – believing Alginet City Hall was under siege with machine guns.

The actor carried a replica of an automatic submachine gun – unknown by the Civil Guard it was a television shoot with simulated weapons.

The Guard patrols rushed to Alginet, a municipality in Ribera Alta, Valencia, after several neighbours, who also did not know anything about the filming, called 112 to alert that several individuals armed with submachine guns had broken into the City Hall.

Espert, who has directed several award-winning short films at Film Festivals, asked the mayor of Alginet for permission to film the scene of the robbery at City Hall.

A council employee opened the building for the filming team to enter, but no one told the Civil Guard or the Local Police that they were going to film a scene – with hooded actors and simulated firearms, according to Municipal sources.

The serious error caused chaos in the town, when the neighbours saw the police patrols arrive.

Alginet City Council excused themselves, by ensuring that they knew nothing of the replicas of the submachine guns.

Some neighbours were fearing a gun incident, while others recorded the police deployment with their mobile phones.

Criticism has been pointed at the mayor of Alginet, José Vicente Alemany, due to not notifying the neighbourhood, the Civil Guard and Local Police of the scheduled television filming.

The intervention of the Civil Guard involved the diversion of four patrols that provided service in nearby towns, leaving those municipalities unprotected during the time the police incident.

The Mayor’s error for not giving notice of the shooting caused a situation of risk and tension, when several agents were alleged to have drawn their weapons.

The Government Delegation in the Valencian Community has requested a report on the events from the Valencia Civil Guard.