The European Union has set a new forecast for the date by which the bloc will achieve immunity against the coronavirus.

Commissioner Thierry Breton said “Today we clearly have the capacity to deliver 300 to 350 million doses by the end of June”, which would allow us to reach immunity by 14 July.”

If Breton is correct date that the EU originally suggested will have been brought forward by more than two months, by which time 70% of the adult population will have immunity.

In an interview with the French network TF1 last Sunday, Breton said that the European Union will have “absolutely no need” to make use of the Russian vaccine ‘Sputnik V’, which It is in a preliminary phase of study by the European Medicines Agency.

The European Commission has been criticised by the slowness in the distribution of it’s vaccines, and has even vetoed the export of the AstraZeneca serum to the United Kingdom to guarantee the full supply to countries within the bloc.

“The vaccines are there, now people must accept the vaccination and the fact that we have the logistics,” said Commissioner Breton during the interview.