Vox has denounced the European Union for what it considers to be a direct attack on the wine industry.

They denounce the fact that the European Commission intends to introduce labelling on wine in the same manner as tobacco, with the ultimate goal being for wine bottles to have dissuasive photos similar to those used on cartons of tobacco, highlighting the dangers of cancer.

Vox has said that “coinciding with World Cancer Week, the European Commission, together with the Parliament’s Commission to Fight Cancer, has published ‘Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan’, a report that establishes the steps to intensify the fight against the disease, some points and conclusions that criminalise the wine sector, defining consumption as carcinogenic”.

They say that the report identifies wine as a carcinogenic food, and that that the EU intends that wine bears labels that identify it as harmful, similar to those used with tobacco. “All without any scientific basis”.