The former head of Compliance in Podemos, Mónica Carmona has written to the judge in the ‘Neurona’ case accusing the deputy Prime Minister, Pablo Iglesias, and the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, of using party resources for their “personal benefit”, specifically pointing to the use of an employee from Podemos as a nanny.

Carmona responded to the request for information made by Judge Juan José Escalonilla after her testimony as a witness last October, although she added information of “some internal paty matters” that were not included in the complaint filed in 2019, made against the party by former Podemos lawyer José Manuel Calvente.

“I was on sick leave and my medical situation did not allow me to collaborate in the preparation of the complaint file, but I consider that now I must provide all the files as they were at the time of my termination, because they are related to the facts that are being investigated, “Carmona said.

Among the new facts reported to the Court in Madridis “the alleged irregular use of party funds for the benefit of the private interests of Mrs. Irene Montero, affirming that the now Minister of Equality was using a person paid by Podemos to care for her children.

Carmona has identified this person as Teresa Arévalo, saying that she accompanied Montero and her daughter on a trip that took place on October 20, 2019 to the city of Alicante, to participate in an electoral campaign act and that she left the girl in the care of Arévalo while she was involved in it. The former lawyer has even provided an invoice, dated November 18, 2019, showing the expenses of this trip.

The lawyer has explained to the judge that she initiated an investigation, considering that they were “serious” facts, since such behaviour, “in addition to being contrary to the most elementary ethical norms, could be considered an act of illegal use of a Podemos employee.