• The Incidence continues to rise as concern about new strains grows and the vaccination plan continues to suffer setbacks.

The Ministry of Health has reported 40,285 new cases of coronavirus and 492 deaths on Tuesday. Figures that, added to the accumulated, bring to 2,670,102 he number of infections and 57,291 deaths since the pandemic began.

The infections have suffered a new rebound, although it is not the worst figure of the third wave. In addition, the cumulative incidence has touched 900 cases, reaching 899.93, record figures so far. However, it is only a very small increase compared to yesterday, increasing 6 points.

Meanwhile, the vaccination plan continues to suffer setbacks in Spain. Madrid has stopped the vaccination of first doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 for “at least this week and the next.”

According to Vice President Aguado, so far 180,000 vaccines have been given in the region but “unfortunately”, as expected, the supply has been interrupted.

Catalonia has also announced that it will run out of vaccines: “Tomorrow the refrigerators will be empty”, said the Secretary of Public Health of the Generalitat, Josep Maria Argimon.