The Community of Madrid will not be able to inoculate any further first doses of the vaccine against Covid either this week or next; For 15 days, new vaccinations are suspended due to the lack of the vaccine that is arriving in Madrid.

The statement was made by the regional vice president and government spokesman, Ignacio Aguado, who demanded the national government to “make our voice heard in Brussels and get more doses” for Spain.

In his statement he said that 180,000 vaccines have already been administered, but the supply has been interrupted and therefore this week and next the supply of new first doses will be suspended.

The regional government is to focus on the administration of second doses to people who live in care homes, staff in these same institutions and health workers who are on the front line.

He said that the administration of this second dose is necessary for the vaccine to be effective. Adding that the World Health Organization has indicated that if this second vaccine is not received, “the virus could mutate and become more resistant.”