• Compromís asks for all commercial centres to close in Valencian Community

The Compromís Institutional Coordination Commission met on Monday afternoon to evaluate the situation relating to the third wave of Covid-19 in the Valencian Community and to monitor the current situation, which it says have shown their proposed measures to be essential.

“As such we are now proposing new measures such as the closure of shopping centres of more than 800 metres, to minimise crowds and maintain consistency with the measures already introduced in the Valencian territory, such as the closure of restaurants and leisure.

Compromís said the best form of vaccine is the people and our attitudes, that is why the coalition has insisted on the need to discourage any type of social contact and reduce mobility as much as possible, “because the only guaranteed evidence we have in this pandemic is that social distancing is the best way to reduce infections and help reduce the pressure on health.”

The Party has also called for the immediate resignation of all those people who have been vaccinated against Covid irregularly for what they see as corruption. They say that the vaccination protocol of the health authorities is intended to reduce the lethality of the virus in the first place, and that begins by first immunising the most vulnerable people and all medical staff who work on the front line.

Compromís has demanded that central government ensures a fair and balanced distribution of vaccines where the territories that have more advanced vaccination programs can receive more doses than other territories that are much slower, with the aim of favouring the immunisation of people as soon as possible, which benefits the entire State.

In addition, the commission has indicated that teleworking must be increased whenever possible, both in private companies and in the government.

The concluded in thanking the general public for the effort they are making in the face of this difficult situation, giving special recognition to the personnel who fight on the front line, as well as to the teachers and the children who have proven to be an example for everyone.