True to its innovative character, the Casaverde Foundation is joining with Vegenat, a company that produces healthy and safe food and ingredients, to develop a study of an enriched diet to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

The study will be carried out in Madrid and in the Alicante Province using volunteers from their Care facilities. It will get underway next month and last for approximately one year.

The normal aging process involves changes in the body that have a direct impact on the nutritional status of the person. These changes are in turn associated with the degeneration of the physical and functional state, reducing mobility and may increase frailty and the level of dependency.

This loss of mobility is very common in older adults and affects all the body’s apparatus and systems, leading to different types of complications and causing significant deterioration in quality of life.

The research project aims to carry out a nutritional intervention in institutionalised elderly, with an enriched nutritional supplement that will improve the nutritional condition and which has already shown progress in the healing of pressure ulcers (UPP).

Eduardo Enríquez, Project Director of the Casaverde Foundation said, “we want to take a step forward in the care and quality of life of the elderly with this research study that demonstrates the effects of a diet, with an oral nutritional supplement enriched in specific nutrients, in increasing the speed of healing and healing of pressure ulcers”.

Pressure Ulcers are areas injured by necrosis of the skin and adjacent soft tissues due to the pressure exerted by surfaces that support the resident, for example a wheelchair. They commonly form where the bones are closest to the skin, such as the sacrum, or heels.

The research project will be carried out with residents who want to voluntarily undergo the study in the Care Homes of the Casaverde Group in Madrid and Alicante Province, over a year in different phases. The nutritional supplement is administered orally and has a vanilla flavour. Its consumption does not modify the daily eating routine and generally improves the nutritional status of the elderly.