Spain’s leaders will hardly be able to boast about their management of the coronavirus this year. Indeed as one of the nations with a health system that is envied across the globe, it will be difficult for Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to explain just why the country has continued to sit at the top of the pile in it’s occupation of first position in the mortality ranking during practically the entire coronavirus pandemic.

Spain daily newspaper OKDIARIO has compared the mortality rate for the entire planet, in which it shows that Spain, with 1,687 deaths per million of it’s population, taking data from the National Statistics Office, INE, continues to have the highest mortality rate on the entire planet.

Indeed, as one of only five countries across the entire planet with a rate in excess of a thousand, the death rate is an absolute disaster but still it is one which the authorities continue to brush aside.

The country in second place in the mortality is currently Belgium, with 1,526 deaths per million inhabitants, while the third position is occupied by San Marino, with a figure of 1,414 million. In fourth place is Peru, with 1,106 and we have Italy in fifth, with 1,035.

Everyone else is below the thousand mark, many by some considerable distance.

Countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States have both been severely criticised for their handling of the pandemic but both trail Spain, in terms of the death rate, by quite a margin.

The United Kingdom currently shows data of 930 deaths per one million of population while in the United States, it is 882.

Meanwhile the average death rate in the European Union stands at 666 cases per million inhabitants, less than half that of Spain which almost multiplies by seven the death rate in Germany which has 251 deaths per million.

Current deaths, according to INE, are 78,626 people, so using it’s own forecast Spain will see more than 80,000 deaths by 31 December, a figure that makes grim reading as the government stumbles toward the end of it’s first full year in power.

Other countries that feature at the top of the mortality list include Argentina with 894 deaths per million, France 873, Mexico of 871, Brazil 845, Chile 825, Ecuador 784, Panama 761, Holland 582, Portugal 517, Austria 462, Canada 347, Israel 341, Greece 323, Tunisia 317, Russia 306.