Bogus Doctor Arrested in Spain

Bogus Doctor Arrested in Spain
Bogus Doctor Arrested in Spain

  • The doctor charged UK patients up to €22,000 for treatment for cancer and coronary issues

The Civil Guard has arrested a bogus Doctor in Spain who treated patients for cancer and coronary issues, amongst a plethora of medical issues.

The Labour and Social Security Inspectorate and the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard Command have begun proceedings against the unnamed detainee.

It is reported that the majority of patients who attended the clinic came from England.

Medical treatments offered cost between £10,000-20,000 – €11,170-22,340.

The 52-year-old male has been arrested for alleged crimes against workers’ rights, professional intrusion, fraud, money laundering and public health in Picassent, just south of Valencia.

Eight alleged victims of exploitation have been released having lived in an unhealthy state, co-habiting in a house located within an agricultural farm and worked between 11-12 hours daily, according to the Civil Guard.

Workers received €750 monthly with €200 deducted from their salary as rent for accommodation. It is alleged to be rife with insects and rodents, rooms without windows and surveillance cameras in the premises.

The bogus doctor's drugs cupboard
The bogus doctor’s drugs cupboard

The bogus Doctor has been found to have no medical qualifications. The investigation revealed the detainee was never enrolled in the Official College of Physicians of Valencia, nor in any Spanish school.

The villa rented by the detainee used as a medical clinic was not registered in the Autonomous Registry of Health Centres, Services and Establishments of the Valencian Community.

During the searches medical documentation related to the detainee, included hundreds of medicinal products and substances, including dietary and nutritional supplements not authorised in Spain, large amounts of material, instruments and medical devices, including needles,  syringes, droppers and IV fins.

Hundreds of items are seized from the premises
Hundreds of items are seized from the premises

Also, 50 silver bars of 1k each were found, with a value of €33,100; 89 gold bars of 100gms each, with a market value of €418,923, €5,085 in cash and various jewellery items.

Agents count the cash located at the clinic
Agents count the cash located at the clinic

Picassent, which has a population of 20,000, originally saw the main economic activity being agriculture.

During the last two decades Picassent has developed two industrial areas adjacent to the city centre.

The surrounding countryside is one of the largest of the cantons (comarca) where locals now grow orange trees.