National Court reopens investigation into former King Juan Carlos

Corinna, the 'German princess' who has become the scourge of the Royal House.
Corinna, the 'German princess' who has become the scourge of the Royal House.
  • The judge summons retired police officer and businessman Juan Villalonga to testify

National Court Manuel judge, García Castellón, has agreed on Monday to reopen the so-called ‘pieza Carol’, which saw and audio interview between the retired police commissioner José Manuel Villarejo and businesswoman Corinna Larsen which was filed in 2018.

The judge has summoned them both to appear on 7 and 8 September, along with businessman Juan Villalonga, who was a partner of Villarejo in the Cenyt Group, and Rafael Redondo, who also participated in the talks.

In these audios it is alleged that the conversation centred on the former king’s ‘supposed’ fortune in Switzerland, as well as land in Marrakech. The businesswoman said that Juan Carlos I charged for negotiating the construction of the AVE to Mecca, a project of more than 7,000 million euros, that was carried out by a Spanish consortium of 12 firms, including OHL, Adif and Renfe.

The case was closed in 2018 when it concluded that the data provided in the conversation referred to events that occurred before the abdication of the Juan Carlos as Monarch.

However, the then investigator, Judge Diego de Egea, sent the part related to the alleged payment of commission for the work to the Prosecutor’s Office and, the authorities opened proceedings, which is what has involved the king emeritus in the investigation.

In a statement on Monday Judge García Castellón warns that, after analysing various documents recently sent by the Judicial Police, there are “sufficient indications” of a crime. Among these documents, he cites an official letter sent by the Police on January 31, 2019 with two new audios of conversations between Villarejo and Larsen found in the former’s home and that, “in police judgment”, could “have a criminal appearance”. These new files are the main basis for the reopening of the case.