• All immigrants are taken to the port of Cartagena, where they have carried out PCR tests and at least seven have tested positive for coronavirus.

More than 400 illegal immigrants have arrived in 31 boats on the Murcia coastline in the last few days according to the Government Delegation in Murcia.

All of them are being taken to the port of Cartagena, regardless of where they arrived. All will be tested for coronavirus and of the tests that were carried out yesterday at least two of them were infected with the virus and have been admitted to hospital. Their situations are understood not to be serious.

Anyone with whom they shared a boat will also have to be quarantined and, having no home in the region where they can be confined, they will be taken to a shelter that was set up a few weeks ago for them in El Valle, which the Civil Guard is responsible for monitoring.

The remainder will be held in Immigrant detention centres, however, by law, the maximum period of confinement permitted by law in these centres is 60 days, at the end of which, if there has been no deportation, the Police release them into the community.

The National Police officers who have to deal with the massive arrival of boats on the coast are completely overwhelmed and without sufficient means.

More than 400 people in 31 boats arrived in the last hours on the shores of the Region of Murcia.

A spokesman from the police union Jupol said, “we are again demanding a temporary attention centre for these foreigners as well as more means for the policemen who provide this service and coordinate with the health authorities


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