Spanish PM urges Spaniards “not to be scared” and to “to go out to reactivate the economy”

Spanish PM urges Spaniards
Spanish PM urges Spaniards "not to be scared" and to "to go out to reactivate the economy"

Spain’s PM, Pedro Sánchez, has assured the Spanish public that the Coronavirus pandemic is now “defeated” and has said that “it’s time to focus on economic recovery”.

During a speech made at a political rally in La Coruña, Sánchez confirmed that the virus had now been “defeated” and insisted that “what we have to do is not let our guard down, but enjoy our freedom” and “focus on economic recovery”. He further added that “although the social and economic crisis will be short, it will be tough” and encouraged citizens to “not be afraid the outbreaks” as it is “vital that everyone gets back on the streets to reactivate the economy”.

Sánchez said he was “proud” of his country and the “discipline, resistance and moral victory” demonstrated by it’s citizens and insisted that citizens should “not fear the recent outbreaks as the health services are now much better equipped to deal with them”.

In the face of criticism from the leader of the Partido Popular, Pablo Casado, Sánchez stated that, “The right is walking in the opposite direction to unity” and urged “progressive” Galicians to go to the polls on July 12 to “stop the right”.

Earlier in the week Sánchez addressed the business community, saying, “We have an extraordinary country and we must live up to it. The Agreement for economic recovery and employment goes in the right direction. The challenges remain enormous, but acting together the recovery will be quicker and more vigorous. Unity saves jobs and companies.”

The messages of positivity and encouragement, however, may have been premature as they coincided with the lockdown of more than 200,000 people in Catalunia in the region of El Segrià, and it’s capital, Lérida, which reported a spike in Covid-19 infections.