Spanish councillor caught naked in the shower during online livestreamed council meeting

Spanish councillor, Bernardo Bustillo, who works part-time with the municipality of Torrelavega in the Autonomous Community of Cantabria in northern Spain, was caught with his pants down earlier this week during a live broadcast to journalists and residents.

The “innocent” event took place when the online meeting went beyond midday and the councillor realised that he was late for other commitments as well as his part-time job as a swimming instructor.

In an effort to save time, he took his computer into the bathroom so that he could listen in on the meeting. However, he forgot to switch off the camera and while his colleagues discussed plans to clean up one of the local streams, images of him were broadcast for all to see. Images of the councillor in the shower, much of which were blurred by a pane of frosted glass, appeared on the bottom-left of the screen.

Running water in the background drowned out much of the ringing of his mobile phone so colleagues were unable to contact him to let him know that the camera was still rolling.

One of his colleagues was heard asking, “Can’t we disconnect him or do something?” Eventually the mayor cut the meeting short ending the discomfort of those in attendance.

Later, as the video did the rounds, Bustillo took to social media to say that he was completely at peace with his body and stressed that the event had been an innocent accident. He said that the incident was a result of trying to balance the struggle of being a working parent with remote working during the Coronavirus pandemic and appologised to anyone who may have been offended by the images.

“I have spent half of my life half-naked and have never been ashamed of nudity whether my own or that of others. I can’t help but regret that the end of my political life has to do with nakedness which isn’t a big deal.”