Nine new deaths announced in Spain on Tuesday from Coronavirus

Nine new deaths announced on Tuesday from Coronavirus
Nine new deaths announced on Tuesday from Coronavirus

The Ministry of Health has confirmed 99 new cases of coronavirus and nine new deaths this Tuesday, which have taken place in the last 24hrs. The number of deaths due to COVID-19 has now risen to 28,355, whilst the number of infected reaches 249,271.

Fernando Simón, the director of the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, said on Monday that the total number of cases notified in recent days is a little higher than that observed a week ago, but that the key to these figures is in the asymptomatic patients.

“The symptomatic cases continue to decrease, while that of asymptomatic patients has not decreased as much,” Simón said before explaining that “if we continue to decrease and there are more and more asymptomatic patients, it will mean that the transmission will also have decreased.”

The concern now centres on the outbreaks, more than 50 throughout Spain. However, the Ministry of Health say that the number of the most worrying outbreaks has dropped to 11.

In the last few hours there have been two new outbreaks in Castilla-La Mancha and the Balearic Islands, two communities that until now had escaped outbreaks after the end of the confinement, leaving just Asturias and La Rioja as the only two autonomies that they have not been hit by new cases of Covid-19 during the ‘new normal’.

The largest focus since the start of the de-escalation and the largest also active continues to be the one that emerged on June 20 in Huesca among a group of seasonal workers that now has 320 infected, and that has forced the return of three districts of Huesca, and one from Zaragoza, to phase 2. This outbreak has also spread to bordering areas of the province of Lleida.

The country faces these new infections at the beginning of the summer holidays, the same week that ‘Operation Exit’ begins and in which the external borders of the European Union will reopen. At the moment, the highest number of cases is in Aragon, where there are around 320 positives.