A report by Blacktower Financial Management Group has revealed the best European countries for retirees in 2020 (and how this has changed year on year) based on crime rates, cost of living, life expectancy, property prices, and population age.

  • Revealed: Finland is the best country for retirement compared to 2nd place in 2019
  • Ukraine is the worst European country for retirement
  • The United Kingdom fell short of the mark, ranking 30th as the best retirement location compared to 17th place in 2019

The EU predicts to have a population of 520 million by 2070 (1), with the expected cost (public spending on pensions, health care, long-term care, education, and unemployment benefits) set to reach 26.7% of total GDP (1).

With over 40 countries to choose from (all boasting different cultures and lifestyles), finding the perfect location to retire can cause a headache for millions of Europeans.

Blacktower Financial Management Group has updated their 2019 retirement report to reveal the best (and worst) European countries for retirement in 2020, using weighted metrics of cost of living, crime rates, life expectancy, property prices, and population age.

Finland is the best European country for retirees

The laid-back Finnish atmosphere and magic of the northern lights see many retirees going ‘off-grid’ to enjoy their well-deserved retirement. With breath-taking views, fresh lakes, vast forests, and quaint cities; it is no surprise that Finland draws millions of retirees to their border each year. Finland has moved up the rankings to first place, in 2019 Finland was at 2nd place.

Second in the rankings is the country of Slovenia, with an old-world charm and mountains and lakes as a backdrop there is no wonder this beautiful country tops the list for retirees.

The top ten best countries are as followed:

Main image: Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash