From this Monday the Huesca districts of La Litera, Cinca Medio and Bajo Cinca have reverted to phase 2 of the de-escalation of the coronavirus crisis due to outbreaks in the regions.

The Minister of Health of Aragon, Sira Repollés, has announced that the districts of La Litera, Cinca Medio and Bajo Cinca will be subjected to the restrictions equivalent to phase 2 of de-escalation due to new outbreaks of coronavirus in the towns of Binéfar, Zaidín, Fraga and Monzón, in Huesca.

“Cases have multiplied in the three regions by 10 to 20 times. The increase in communicability, the time during which the virus may be transferred directly or indirectly from an infected person to another, in the community is not yet a concern for the health system, but we have to reduce transmission by applying social distancing measures and applying the regime established for phase 2 “, the minister said at a press conference.

In this way “the testing and social distance” will be modified and “travel to affected regions” will be limited. “We will not return to the model of confinement but we will limit the sharing of public spaces,” he said.

The regional government has also recommended limiting travel to and from these areas, but they have said that it “is still only a recommendation” as the regional government does not have the capacity to limit mobility.

The outbreaks have occurred in agricultural and export workers employed in the areas of Fraga, Binéfar and Monzón. The most serious outbreak has occurred in a fruit company where almost 200 PCR tests have been carried out. At the moment there are 14 positives although they have warned that more cases will be discovered in the coming days.

The Minister of Health in Spain, Salvador Illa , has said that “special” monitoring of these outbreaks is being carried out, and that they are in the process of being controlled.

Yesterday, Sunday, the General Directorate of Public Health of that community reported 33 new cases of coronavirus, of which 25 were found in the Huesca districts of Bajo Cinca, Cinca Medio and La Litera.