Spain’s Paradores to reopen this week

Parador de Baiona Hotel in Baiona, Spain
Parador de Baiona Hotel in Baiona, Spain

  • Reyes Maroto: “I encourage you to enjoy your holidays in Paradores”

At the digital meeting organised by New Economy Forum, the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, pointed out that the reserves for Paradores, the state run hotels, are recovering and that the Network will be ready for reopening on Thursday June 25.

“I encourage you to enjoy your holidays in Paradores, a very professional Network awaits you,” said the minister, who added that the safety and hygiene protocols have been reinforced to the maximum. The objective of the public hotel chain is to take extreme measures of cleaning and disinfection, and to become the safest tourist destination for employees and clients.

According to Paradores management, the number of the national tourists will be greater than in previous years.

The hotels are often located in adapted castles, palaces, fortresses, convents, monasteries and other historic buildings. They add to the attractions of heritage tourism and provide uses for large historic buildings.

Reservations will increase in inland establishments, located in nature reserves, while demand will be lower in emblematic establishments, which depend more on foreign tourists, such as the Parador de Granada, located inside the Alhambra complex.

If in early June the turnover figures were around 60,000 euros per day, they rose to 700,000 after the announcement by the Prime Minister about the lifting of mobility restrictions and the opening of the borders for tourism, and that have now reached one million euros after the announcement of the reopening of the Network next Thursday.


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