• Government hides 13,000 deaths from Covid but claims to have saved 450,000 lives

Pedro Sánchez has announced that a State ceremony will be held on July 16 in honour of the people who have died during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as all public servants who have been fighting against the COVID-19. The event will be led by King Felipe VI and will be attended by a number of European officials and the Director of the World Health Organisation.

In his announcement to parliament the Prime Minister dedicated the occasion to the “27,000 people” who have lost their lives to the disease, referring to the data on deaths that the Ministry of Health has frozen for the last ten days.

However, according to the numbers quoted almost daily in the Spanish press, the government still refuses to include figures from the Community of Madrid and Catalonia that would take the deaths from the pandemic to at least 40,328.

At the same time, the leader has boasted that his policy “has saved 450,000 lives.”

Meanwhile the leader of the Partido Popular opposition party, Pablo Casado, has reproached Sanchez for having “the worst figures for deaths, infections, and the unemployed” saying that “comparisons are odious” with other countries, where those responsible for managing the pandemic have resigned or appeared before the Justice system.


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