• The Vice President asks for health controls at source

The Vice President of the Andalusian Government and the Minister of Tourism Minister, Juan Marín, has completely rejected the possibility that the Government of Spain will establish a quarantine for travellers from the United Kingdom if the British authorities do likewise for Spanish travellers after June 22.

He insists on carrying out sanitary controls at the point of origin to allow international tourism “with guarantees” against the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Marín made the statement during an interview with Canal Sur Radio, after being asked about the announcement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya, who said on Tuesday that, in the case if the United Kingdom decides to quarantine travellers from Spain after June 22, the Spanish Government will consider imposing the same measure on their arrival here.

“When Mr. Sánchez and Mr. Iglesias speak, they should listen to us more because we submit our proposals with the intention of solving problems. The Andalusian Minister of Tourism, said that “there are measures to guarantee their health with a quick test before traveling, without the need to quarantine”.

Marín said that the United Kingdom is the “main international market for Andalusian tourism” and that also includes a lot of residential tourism on the coast “with much higher spending” than the average and has insisted that his proposal to carry out health checks at source be introduced, “just as they will be carried out before they return” to guarantee their arrival back into the Kingdom“ in good health ”.

The minister says he recognises that currently the evolution of the pandemic in the United Kingdom “is not as positive as in other countries”, so it is necessary to pay “special attention”, but he stressed that there are “measures that we can put in place without the need for “British tourists to be” confined “for 14 days.


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