Spain will reactivate national tourism on 21 June. From this date, members of the public will be able to travel to other provinces or territories, regardless of the activity and whether or not their community is in phase 3.

From June 21 the general public will have unrestricted travel across Spain. Regardless of the phase of the de-escalation process in which each territory finds itself, the Government has set Sunday 21 June for the reintroduction of national mobility.

The reason is that it is the day that the state of alarm ends and, as the Prime Minister himself has already said, after the end of the current period, an extension would not be requested again.

Therefore, on June 21 the mobility restrictions in force since last March 14 will end, so you can visit family members residing in other provinces or travel anywhere in the rest of the country.

What will the new normal be like?

But, despite the end of mobility restrictions, certain safety rules will still have to be followed to avoid infections, such as the use of face masks when safety distances cannot be guaranteed.

Measures to contain the spread will continue until the coronavirus crisis is over, either because of the discovery of an effective healing method or the discovery of a vaccine.

The mask will continue to be mandatory for those over six years old in any open or closed space if the safety distance cannot be kept and on public transport, and Health does not rule out imposing more restrictive measures in the event of any further outbreak of the virus.