The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union has arranged the operation of up to 60 flights to speed up the return of all those Spaniards and other nationalities of the European Union who wish to return to Spain after the severe restrictions caused by COVID-19.

While 28,000 travellers have been assisted since the start of the pandemic by the network of Spanish Embassies and Consulates there are still thought to be approximately 12,000 Spaniards who would like to join the number, many of them in South America.

Meanwhile, the international situation is gradually unlocking for passengers who want to return to Spain. In the case of Europe, the number of connections has expanded significantly since the beginning of June and most of the land connections are now open.


From North America, the United States, there is a daily flight from Dallas to Madrid, while there will be weekly frequencies with New York and Miami from June 15.

South America, where there was the largest number of Spaniards, the situation needs to be eased gradually, which is allowing the return of Spaniards from Argentina.

Santiago de Chile and Madrid will also be connected with one weekly flight in the second half of June, two weekly flights in July and three weekly flights in August. There was a flight from Bolivia on Tuesday, June 2, bringing 541 Spanish people, assisted by the Embassy in La Paz and the Consulate in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

From Colombia, with the two new flights planned, 700 new passengers will be added to the list, bringing the total figure to seven flights in which the Spanish Embassy and Consulate have been directly involved, and more than 2,000 passengers have been assisted by the Spanish officials stationed in Bogotá since the start of the pandemic.

Morocco and Asia

Two new ferries have left Morocco this week, followed by two more on June 10 and 11. With them, the number increases to 12,000 travellers assisted by Spanish consular services since the start of the pandemic. In Asia no special tensions are detected while there are planned European operations to which the half dozen Spaniards located in the area could be added although none have expressed an urgency to return.

Embassies and Consulates

The network of Spanish Embassies and Consulates abroad, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, keep all channels open to provide information to all Spaniards who wish to return to Spain and who find it difficult to do so.