The World Civil Aviation Organization has published its guidelines for airlines around the world.

One of the measures that will particularly change the way we travel will be the elimination of hand luggage in the above seat compartment.

The objective is that passengers do not have the opportunity to make physical contact, so, when implemented, you will only be able to travel with a backpack or bag that fits under the front seat.

According to ICAO, the reason for this measure is that, when getting on and off the plane, the placement and removal of carry-on bags causes countless opportunities for contact between passengers.

The decision will have a significant economic effect on the low-cost companies, although the measure could also lead to more passengers choosing to pay to place their suitcases in the hold.

Other ICAO instructions have been anticipated for some time: the need to wear masks on all flights, at all airports, on all aircraft; Checking in for your flight online – a common thing today on most short and medium-haul flights, but not so much on long-haul flights. This will eliminate or greatly reduce the need for contact with travel documents between staff and passengers,” the protocol said – and working contactless in duty-free shops.

Aboard planes, passengers will be told to move around as little as possible within the cabin, and not to line up outside toilets to lessen the risk of infecting other passengers. People will also be assigned a specific toilet cubicle on the plane in relation to where they are seated.

Instructions are also issued for the use of the toilets on board, with one reserved exclusively for the aircraft crew, who are those who are most at risk.

The international ICAO instructions have still to be to be converted by member countries into specific rules and legal requirement for their airlines.